The economist the world in 2021 cover secrets explained

The economist the world in 2021 cover secrets explained : Once again the popular economy magazine the Economist drives global attention for it’s “the world in 2021” cover image which features some icons that point out important developments, incidents expected to take place in 2021.

While the mysterious cover photo depicts the world as a casino slot machine, this meaningful design is believed to indicate uncertainties that dominate the world and people’s moods.

The Economist The World in 2021 Cover Icons and Their Potential Meanings :

Tiktok : Tiktok is expected to take the lead in social media advertisement industry in 2021.

Joe Biden : Joe Biden is expected to make reformist changes in the first year of his presidency.

Masked Kid : The covid-19 virus has mutated in a way to become more effective on kids’ metabolism.

Tree in blaze : This icon represents expectations concerning forest fires in 2021.

Injection Syringe : Covid-19 vaccines are expected to be delivered by the first quarter of 2021.

Camera : Isolated lifestyle will increase functional importance of cameras in 2021.

USA Flag Torn in Half : Donald Trump’s objection to election results will boost the political divison and controversy in the country.

Chinese Flag : Covid-19 based accusations and legal sanctions against China.

Windmill : More investments in clean energy from renewable resources.

Rocket with Radiation Symbol : Rocket launches and ionizing radiation relationship will be more discussed in 2021.

Question Marks : uncertainties, unexpected developments.

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