Tiktokers with the highest follower numbers

Tiktokers with the highest follower numbers

Tiktokers with the highest follower numbers : The most influential and the most popular tiktokers have already reached millions of followers as they keep attracting more users from all around the world. So Who are most popular tiktokers and what are their follower numbers ? Take a look at the table below :

The most popular Tiktokers with the highest follower numbers

Tiktoker nameAccount addressFollower number
Loren Grayhttps://www.tiktok.com/@lorengray37.5 million
Baby Arielhttps://www.tiktok.com/@babyariel30.3 million
Zach Kinghttps://www.tiktok.com/@zachking30.7 million
Riyazhttps://www.tiktok.com/@riyaz.1426.9 million
Kristen Hancherhttps://www.tiktok.com/@kristenhancher23.2 million
Gilmher Croeshttps://www.tiktok.com/@gilmhercroes22.8 million
Nisha Guragainhttps://www.tiktok.com/@nishaguragain21.7 million
Jacop Sartoriushttps://www.tiktok.com/@jacobsartorius21.8 million
Awez Darbarhttps://www.tiktok.com/@awezdarbar21.4 million
Arishfa Khanhttps://www.tiktok.com/@arishfakhan21 million
Jiff Pomhttps://www.tiktok.com/@jiffpom20.5 million
Jannat Zubair Rahmanihttps://www.tiktok.com/@jannat_zubair2920.3 million
Jayden Croeshttps://www.tiktok.com/@jaydencroes19.5 million
Lucas and Marcushttps://www.tiktok.com/@dobretwins19 million
Avneet Kaurhttps://www.tiktok.com/@avneetkaur_1318.3 million
Cameron Dallashttps://www.tiktok.com/@camerondallas17.8 million
Lauren Godwinhttps://www.tiktok.com/@laurengodwin17.7 million
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