What is CBD Oil ? How to produce Cannabis oil ?

What is CBD Oil ? How to produce Cannabis oil ? If you have heard this name recently, you may wonder what is cbd oil and how to produce CBD oil or marijuana oil, also known as cannabidiol oil or cannabis oil.

What is CBD Oil ?

CBD oil, or CBD hemp oil is natural oil made from extracts of cannabis plants, also known as marijuana.

How to produce CBD Oil ?

The production of the cbd marijuana oil is made through two phases ; firstly marijuana, cannabis plants are processed by cold pressing machine and then cbd oil extract is filtered in order to reap the oil.

If you want to know how to produce CBD at home, you can follow these steps :

1- Obtain naturally grown cannabis, marijuana plants

2- Get extract by using a cold pressing machine

3- Filter the extract to get the oil after letting it reast for 5 days.

Note : You have to work in a sterile place when producing cbd oil at home.


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