Who are Reddit wallstreetbets moderators

Wall Street Bets Scam Operations Victimize Thousands

Who are Reddit wallstreetbets moderators ?

The Reddit community named “The Wall Street Bets” is held responsible for several pump and dump scam operations in both stock exchange and cryptocurrency markets.

Who are they ?

I think they are same actors as those who are actively operating in traditional stock markets.

The group members and the founder of the group Jaime Rogozinski (most likely a nickname) possess extreme amount of cash, cryptocurrency and stocks which give them sufficient power to initiate any operation against any asset.

What do they do ?

They introduce themselves as a kind of rebellion movement assumedly trying to combat finance companies, funds etc.

However this is the core point where the actual deception originates from.

By the help of false “anti-capitalist” impression, despite the very fact that they possess capitals larger than most of companies, they simply call on random investors to participate in their operations assumedly against companies. However consequences indicate a genius deception which exactly aims to push random investors into the scheme.

Gamestop pump and dump example :

The group called on people to buy GameStop shares. Gamestop Shares was trading at 19-20 USD at the time of call. The moderators of the group had already bought thousands of shares. Following the investment call which was promoted on social media by means of paid TT services, primarily finance companies, whales and bankers, financiers, actors aware of the operation, invested large amounts in the stock. The price already increased up to a peak level. This point is where their profit realizes. Being manipulated by the propaganda on social media, random people started to buy Gamestop shares at all-time-high prices, hoping to make some profit. This has never happened and will never happen. While they opened “buy” positions, The Wall Street Bets moderators, affiliates and finance market actors sold their shares. Hence, price started to fall. The Price of 1 Gamestop Shares fell from 347 USD to 190 USD within 24 hours.

While WallStreetBets moderators and affiliates, early investors sold 19 usd worth shares to random people, small scale investors at 347 USD, buyers were forced to panic sell their shares as the price went down. They lost more than half of their balances.

The group moderators are obviously in cooperation with or already managing hedge funds, finance companies.

They let their hedge funds go bankrupt as they expect extremely more returns as manipulated investors buy-in. What they do simply is sacrificing 5 billion USD for 1 trillion USD in return.

What they earn is the amount manipulated investors invest in at ATH levels.

The group is also behind the Dogecoin pump and dump operation. The price was pumped to 0.087 USD and then dumped to 0.035 USD within less than a day.

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