Who is Sandi Yasmeen Acosta ?

Who is Sandi Yasmeen Acosta : A young muslim woman named Sandi Yasmeen Acosta has been assaulted for a selfie photo.

Sandi Yasmeen Acosta lashed out at Reddit users posting her hijabed photo and shamefully labeling her as “Muslim Slut”.

Sandi Yasmeen Acosta’s Reddit photo was listed by dishonorable users under the” r/muslimsluts” category.

A vast majority of internet users have shown solidarity with Sandi Yasmeen Acosta condemning undignified people for their disgusting attacks.

Who is Sandi Yasmeen Acosta ?

A 26 year old muslim woman living in Houston. She is originally Palestinian.

instagram account : @ sandiacvsta

Facebook account: fb.com/sandi.acosta.501

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