Who is Tiktoker Broke Bobby ?

Tiktok user Broke Bobby is a made up story

Who is Tiktoker Broke Bobby ? The mysterious Tiktoker Broke Bobby comes under spotlights as one of his friends revealed his annual Tiktok revenue.

According to a video shared by his friend, Broke Bobby is the least earning Tiktoker amoung other members of his friendship group.

How much Broke Bobby makes a year ?

The Tiktoker Broke Bobby makes 125k USD yearly through paid ads on Tiktok.

Who is Broke Bobby ?

He does not use this nickname on Tiktok. The nickname was given him by the group. His Tiktok username has not been revealed yet.

However we suspect it may also be a PR operation by Tiktok to attract more users making them believe they can make wealth through Tiktok.

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