May 27, 2024

How to Deposit Notcoin to Bybit?

deposit notcoin bybit

How to Deposit Notcoin to Bybit? Bybit has enabled deposit option for the notcoin but holders still need answers for deposit-related questions.

Here are the steps to take in order to deposit Notcoin to bybit :

1- Open Notcoin Telegram Bot

2- Tap on the “Claim” button if activated ! If not activated, please wait until it is activated.

3- Launch the Bybit app or website.

4- Go to Assets and tap on the deposit button.

5- Search for notcoin. Copy the TON chain address generated for your Notcoin assets. Copy the Memo/Comment too.

6- Paste the notcoin address into the address bar you see on the Notcoin Telegram bot. Paste the memo/comment into the relevant field.


Can i deposit NFT voucher to bybit deposit address ?

No, you can not depoist NFT vouchers to the Bybit deposit address unless the exchange deploy a smart contract that converts NFT vouchers to $NOT.

When will Bybit create notcoin trading pairs ?

Follow the official social media accounts or visit Bybit announcement page to find out necessary information regarding Notcoin trading pairs.

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