May 27, 2024

Convert Notcoin NFT Voucher to NOT

convert notcoin nft vvoucher to not

Convert Notcoin NFT Voucher to NOT: How to convert Notcoin NFT vouchers to Not token before spot trading opens on centralized exchanges ?

Here are all necessary informations you need to know for a flawless conversion from notcoin NFT voucher to Not :

Shardify currently allows conversion from NFT voucher to wNOT only while the conversion cuts a 20% as transaction fee. When you convert your NFT vouchers to wNOT, you will also need to convert wNOT to NOT. This process also will cost you a transaction fee.

What to do ?

Shardify announced that there will be a smart contract to convert Notcoin NFT vouchers to Not directly. The smart contract will convert Notcoin NFT vouchers to NOT tokens and send them to users TON space wallet addresses. Users will then be able to send Not tokens to exchanges.

Once shardify enables the conversion contract, our editors will create a simple tutorial that teaches how to finalize the conversion transaction.

Don’t Send NFT Vouchers to Exchange Address !

In case you send NFT vouchers to a deposit address generated on exchanges, you will permanently lose your NFT voucher. Without conversion to Not, NFT vouchers are only tradable on getgems market.

2 thoughts on “Convert Notcoin NFT Voucher to NOT

    1. Hello,

      you must wait for shardify to launch NFT to NOT conversion tool/smart contract.

      dont send NFT voucher to spot deposit address.

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