April 23, 2024

Befitter Sneaker ROI Earning Calculation

Befitter Sneaker ROI Earning Calculation : The Befitter team has released mainnet version of the app both on APPStore and Google Play Store. Users can now download the APP and start to use.

Genesis sneakers are listed on the in-app marketplace with price tags ranging from 0.5 BNB to 10 BNB. But what about sneaker ROIs ? This is what all investors wonder about Befitter sneakers. Since befitter sneakers comes with “earnign expiration date” feature, Befitter Sneaker ROI is a key information that determines investor decision.

Befitter Sneaker ROI

Daily Sneaker Level 1

Earning expiration : in 89 days

Energy +5

Durability 12

Support 13

Luck 6

Range 1

Sale Price : 0.51 BNB

Earning : 100 HEE daily – 20 HEE repair cost

RIO calculation for other sneakeras coming soon.

Which Attributes Determine Earning ?

Support and Durability attributes are the two key parameters that determine the amount of HEE users earn . The higher value these attributes have, the more earning users get. When choosing a sneaker, users should care about these attributes.

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