May 27, 2024

What is Befitter Fitter Pass ?

What is fitter pass ?

What is Befitter Fitter Pass ? How to get a fitter pass in the easiest way ? What is a fitter pass used for ? Lets explain these key questions as Befitter users and investors seek information about Fitter PASS.

What is Fitter Pass ?

A Befitter Fitter Pass is a non-tradable NFT that has some specific functions in the Befitter PASS. Holding Fitter Pass gives users various advantages including :

  • Be whitelisted in exclusive events such as Pet NFT sale
  • Use exclusive features in a period of time such as creating challenge or leasing NFTs
  • Skip cooldown in Minting
  • Other special benefits in beFITTER

How to Get Fitter Pass ?

Users need to stake a certain amount of FIU token in order to get Fitter PASS. Required staking amounts are announced for each “Staking for Fitter Pass” activity . For example; users needed to stake 1000 to 40000 FIU tokens during the phase 1 in order to get a fitter pass.

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