July 25, 2024

Ad Revenue Share Program for Telegram Channels

telegram ad revenue share

Ad Revenue Share Program for Telegram Channels : The CEO of Telegram APP Pavel Durov announced ad revenue share program that will enable telegram channels to get a 50% share from advertisement revenue for sponsored ads displayed on channel.

According to Durov’s official statement regarding the ad revenue program, key notes are as the following :

  • The Ad Revenue-Share Program will start accepting registrations in early March.
  • Qualifying channels shall be accepted to the program.
  • Payments shall be made in TON coin on weekly basis.
  • Channels get 50% of ad revenue generated from the ads displayed within a specific period.

How to Enable Ads on Telegram Channels ?

Channel owners will be able to register and add their channels on a personalized dashboard. There are several qualification criterias that channels are required to meet in order to start displaying ads. Only channels with a certain amount of subscriber can participate in Telegram ad revenue share program.

Once all registration steps are completed, channel owners will start receiving payment made to their TON blockchain address automatically.

Can Telegram Groups Join The Program ?

No, at this point, only Telegram channels will be able to join the ad revenue share program.

One thought on “Ad Revenue Share Program for Telegram Channels

  1. I dont understand why telegram groups cant join this program when channels can. What is the logic behind this ?

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