July 15, 2024

is Aaron Bushnell Jewish ?

Aaron Bushnell jewish

is Aaron Bushnell Jewish ? An undisputably genuine representative of human dignity Aaron Bushnell, has abandoned us in this filthy order of the servants of the evil.

He set his precious body on fire in front of the embassy building of Israel, a terror network that has nefariously killed more than 8000 children in Gaza within 3 months following a Hamas-Israel conspiracy that started with Hamas terrorists killing Israeli civilians during a party.

We have lost a virtuous man. We have lost. An unique man out of billions of ordinary people living on the earth has left us in deep grief. The value that the world have lost in this tragic revolt, is bigger than the entire network of global finance gang. He did not consent to genocide while this network is the main perpetrator.

And there is an unimaginable fact; Aaron Bushenll is jewish. A jewish individual who has revolted against an exploitator network that utilizes the Judaism and the will for self determination rights of jews.

By performing his revolt, Aaron Bushnell told the world that condemning Nazi forces that killed jews ruthlessly while consenting to Israel terror network that killed Palestinians is nothing more than a honorless discrepancy.

If the jewish communities and the entire world could coherently stand against the genocide perpetrated by the Israel terror network, Aaron Bushnell would not feel the burden of moral values that prompted this heart breaking tragedy.

One thought on “is Aaron Bushnell Jewish ?

  1. ı do agree on that Israel is a terrorist network. Whats happening in Gaza cant be justified within the framework of self-defence. Plus it is also suspicious that Hamas and Israel are partners.

    Jews should protect their honor and prestige by rejecting this genocide.

    Am very sad for losing Aaron. RIP my friend !

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