July 15, 2024

How to Trade Photo Finish Virtual Horses

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How to Trade Photo Finish Virtual Horses

Website: photofinish.live

Token to buy Horses: $DERBY

How to Buy Virtual Horses ?

In order to buy a NFT virtual horse on photofinish.live app, you need to have available Derby token balance. The derby token is used for in-app transactions such as buying or selling horses and participating in horse racing activities.

To buy a horse, you need to visit the marketplace https://photofinish.live/marketplace

Apply filter to find a horse that matches your criterias. Once found, you can purchase the horse.

You need to keep in mind that every virtual horse has a limited lifetime. Horses die at their 20s depending on their peak age specification.

How to Sell Virtual Horses ?

You can use the marketplace to list your horse for sale. Set a sale price for your horse and submit. when sold, your payment is sent to your wallet.

If you have any question about trading horses on photofinish.live, ask us !

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