May 27, 2024

Earning Calculation: How Much Can You Earn With Tipcoin

tipcoin points conversion rate

Tipcoin Points Conversion Rate: 100000 tip points just for signup and seemingly high amount of points per activity such as tweet, like, RT and comment. But how much in Tip Coin are those points equivalent to ?

Project website :

Earning Method: pay per activity ( tweet, like, RT, comment)

Hint 1 : The Tip Coin and the points earned through activities on twitter-integrated website are different than eachother.

So, the calculation is not like 1 point=1 Tip Coin.

For this very reason, we need a conversion rate to determine exactly how much earning can be generated on

The current conversion rate for tipcoin points to tip coin is not known as the dev team would not reveal this information.

The system calculate tip coin earnings after each Epoch. This means there is not a fixed conversion rate for the Tip Coin.

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