July 25, 2024

2024 Solana Airdrops

solana airdrops 2024

2024 Solana Airdrops : We have compiled a list of the most reliable solana airdrops.

While numerous new tokens are issued on the solana blockchain, all of these tokens would necessarily need a strong social community in order to reach as much people as possible. This dependency inevitably makes airdrops one of the key phases of their roadmaps.

1- Jupiter JUP Airdrop 2024

Solana wallets that used jupiter DEX before snapshots taken will be eligible to receive a share from the total airdrop pool allocasted for JUP Airdrop 2024.

In order to check your wallet eligibilty, you can use this tool developed by Solana DEVS : https://solana-airdrop-checker.solworks.dev

The rule for the airdrop is simple; the more you use jupider exchange, the larger share you will get from the JUP airdrop in 2024. the eligible wallets will receive JUP token directly into their Solana Wallets.

2- BULB Token Airdrop

If you are interested in Solana airdrops, this is a good one to make serious money.

1- Sign Up using your phantom wallet : SIGN UP

2- Interact with posts or write your own post

3- Get a share from weekly airdrops

We will review and add more solana airdrops in 2024. Stay tuned !

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