June 15, 2024

Notcoin Tokenomics and Price

Notcoin Tokenomics and Price : The TON backed web3 gaming project Notcoin launched on Telegram following a period of beta testing.

While users enjoy a gamified farming activity, they also wonder about several important details about the notcoin project such as notcoin tokenomics and of course notcoin price.

Notcoin Tokenomics

Total Supply : The total supply is to be set after the completion of farming phase. The total farmed notcoins will define the total supply amount for the notcoin. The notcoin app managed to hit 1M users who actively mine notcoin. Our prediction for the total supply of the notcoin is 1 Trillion Notcoins.

Notcoin Price

The distribution method for mined notcoins will play a key role in defining the notcoin price. In case tokens distributed based on a vesting method, we can expect a higher pice for each notcoin.

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