July 15, 2024

Notcoin Phase 3

notcoin phase 3

Notcoin Phase 3: What exactly does Notcoin phase 3 mean as the Notcoin project enters into a new phase called the Notcoin Phase 3.

Here are the important details about Notcoin phase 3:

While Notcoin mining ended as planned on April 1, 2024 , this also marked the beginning of the Notcoin phase 3

Notcoin Phase 3 Roadmap is as follows:

  • Listing of Notcoin on central exchanges. While OKX and Bybit are the first possible exchanges to list Notcoin, it is considered certain that the project, which has 36 million users, will be listed on Binance.
  • Activating a gaming ecosystem where Notcoin token will be used as currency.
  • Integration of Notcoin token with other cryptocurrency projects within the TON ecosystem. For example, bets can be made using the Notcoin token in the Fanzee Battles application.

You can follow all the developments regarding Notcoin Phase 3 here.

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