June 15, 2024

Over Tokenomics: Over Token Distribution Plan

over token airdrop

Over Tokenomics: Over Token Distribution Plan

The Over protocol released it’s tokenomics that revealed key details about the Over Token including total supply, airdrop distribution and staking rewards.

Over Token Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1B (

OCAP Airdrop Allocation: 15% – 150M (150.000.000)

Staking: %40 – 400M (400.000.000)

Allocation for Core Contributors, Investors and the Team: 45% – 450M (450.000.000)

According to the Over Token distribution plan, the total supply of the Over Token is 1 Billion, of which the Over Community Access Program participants (Over wallet users and node validators) will receive 15% of the total supply (150M) while 40% of the supply is allocated for staking. The remaining 45% will be allocated to Core contributors, investors, over foundation and the development company SuperBlock.

OCAP Airdrop Distribution

Over Wallet users and Over Node validators will receive 15% of the total supply as participation rewards. Airdrop distribution is not subject to vesting and the total amount allocated for airdrop will be distributed right after the mainnet launch.

Staking Rewards

40% of the total supply is allocated to the staking pool. The staking program was planned to distribute the allocated amount within 10 years. First year, only 2% of the allocated amount (8M) will be distributed as staking rewards. Through this plan, The team make sure that the supply increases slowly over a long period.

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