June 22, 2024

Xpet.Tech: How to Earn BPET

xpet tech

Xpet.Tech: How to Earn BPET

This full guide aims to provide all necessary informations about xpet.tech socialfi game. To start earning BPET token on xpet.tech, complete all these steps.

1- go to xpet.tech

2- Login via OKX web3 wallet. Use this invite code to create account : xpet_68919e74

3- The app will randomly award you with a pet at level 1.

4- Complete all “quests” to earn 50 BPET bonus and foods.

5- Upgrade your pet using the BPET balance. Only Pets at 7 level can start earning BPET tokens through farming. Unless your pet reaches level 7, you wont earn BPET.

6- Once your pet hits level 10, you can launch attacks against zones in the PvE section.

Note: You can not withdraw Bonus 50 BPET Token. BPET Bonus can be used for upgrading pets only.

If you have any questions abput xpet.tech, feel free to ask our editors using the comment form below.

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