June 22, 2024

New Boost: Send Notcoins to Durov’s Balance

As of today, 22 million notcoin players were introduced a new boost, namely “Send notcoins to Durov’s balance while most of players understood nothing because the official channels did not publish any kind of explanations about it. That is why millions of notcoin farmers took to social media, asking questions about this mysterious boost.

Who is Durov ?

Pavel Durov is the founder and current CEO of the Telegram. However he is not an active participant in the TON blockchain even if he played role during the early phase of the project.

Should You Send Notcoins to Durov’s Balance ?

Following the activation of the new boost, more than 40 billion notcoins were sent to Durov’s balance within minutes. Players are now expecting a sort of “return”.

Although not mentioned officially, we believe that sending notcoins to Durov’s balance must have a good return as this also might mean testing of in-app token transfer function. Another probability is contribution to token burn. So, sending notcoin to Durov’s balance is actually voluntary contribution to token burning.


” There is no shame in standing on the shoulders of giants.

Pavel Durov and the Telegram team made this app, set the bar for builders and created a lot of opportunities for everyone, including Notcoin.

552,586 Notcoiners were grateful and sent their 1,030,383,291,362 Notcoin to Pavel’s account.

We are quite surprised by this number, especially that 203,303 people donated all their hard-earned Notcoins (sic!).

Everyone who donated Notcoin will receive twice as much at the end of this phase. You deserve it.

Thank you, all contributors.

You make Notcoin special.”

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  1. سلام چرا ازامتیازاتی که ذخیره میکنم از ذخیره ها کسر میشه

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