June 15, 2024

nd4.eth sends 2500 eth to dead burn address

nd4.eth sends 2500 eth to dead burn address

An Ethereum holder with blochain identity nd4.eth sent 2500 eth to a dead burn address, Ethereum blockchain transaction history shows.

The transaction for the transfer of 2500 eth to a dead address took place on 26 july 2023 according to the transaction hash (txhash). The transaction hash can be found here : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x36f899bb27aa365c30a6f559c3512c063c366dae515d43fe05ec530ed440bb5a

The sender nd4.eth now holds 3.54 eth only after destroying 4.5 million USD worth of assets.

As nobody has claimed the action so far, some questions about this unusual activity such as who is nd4.eth and how did the transfer happen, will remain as a mystery.

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