June 22, 2024

The Best Gay Bars in London

gay bars in london

The Best Gay Bars in London: We have researched all gay bars operating across London, especially its streets and districts known for gay nighlife. Here are some popular gay bars in London.

All informations such as phone numbers, emails as well as address and google maps locations can be found on the respective websites.

The 12 best gay bars in london list below has been created based on several quality criterias including positive reviews submitted online. If you have visited one of venues below, you can share your opinion too.

  1. G-A-Y Bar – Soho (www.heaven-london.com/g-a-y-bar)
  2. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern (www.vauxhalltavern.com)
  3. Ku Bar – Soho (www.ku-bar.co.uk)
  4. Admiral Duncan – Soho (www.admiral-duncan.co.uk)
  5. Village – Soho (www.village-soho.co.uk)
  6. Dalston Superstore (www.dalstonsuperstore.com)
  7. The Two Brewers – Clapham (www.the2brewers.com)
  8. The Glory – Haggerston (www.theglory.co)
  9. The Retro Bar – The Strand (www.retrobarlondon.co.uk)
  10. Eagle London – Vauxhall (www.eaglelondon.com)
  11. Halfway to Heaven – Charing Cross (www.halfwaytoheaven.org.uk)
  12. Circa – Soho (www.circasoho.com)

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