June 15, 2024

Alia Bhatt sisters and brothers

Alia Bhatt sisters and brothers : The popular Bollywood star Alia Bhatt’s sisters and brothers have managed to gain both nation wide and global prominence as they come forward not only for their family link to Alia Bhatt but also for their achievements.

Here are some informations about Alia Bhatt’s sisters and brothers to help you get to know the family more :

Pooja bhatt

Pooja Bhatt:

Pooja Bhatt is Alia’s half-sister from her father Mahesh Bhatt’s first marriage to Kiran Bhatt (born as Lorraine Bright). Pooja Bhatt is also an actress and filmmaker. She has appeared in several successful Bollywood films and has established herself as a prominent personality in the Indian film industry.

Rahul Bhatt

Rahul Bhatt:

Rahul Bhatt is Alia’s half-brother from her father Mahesh Bhatt’s relationship with his first wife, Kiran Bhatt. Rahul Bhatt is a fitness trainer and has not ventured into the entertainment industry like his siblings.

Shaheen Bhatt

Shaheen Bhatt:

Shaheen Bhatt is the elder sister of Alia Bhatt. She is the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan, making her Alia’s full sister. Shaheen is not involved in the entertainment industry like her sister and father but has made a name for herself as an author and mental health advocate.

Shaheen Bhatt has been vocal about her own struggles with mental health, including depression and anxiety, and has written a book titled “I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier,” where she shares her personal experiences and journey with mental health issues. Her book has received positive reviews and has helped raise awareness about mental health in India.

Shaheen Bhatt’s openness about her struggles and her efforts to create awareness and promote mental well-being have made her an inspiration for many. She continues to use her platform to support and encourage discussions around mental health in the country.

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