July 15, 2024

Reviews Complaints : is Temu Shopping App Legit

temu reviews and complaints

Reviews Complaints : is Temu Shopping App Legit

Coupon trick is just one of that methods that Temu app uses to attract users. However, it turns out that high amount coupons are subject to strict conditions such as spending certain amount of money or buying certain pieces of products.

Temu shopping app has received numbers of negative reviews as well as complaints on platforms like trustpilot . Additionally number of Google users searching the terms “is temu scam or legit” is on a gradual rise.

How to make sure if Temu is legit or scam ?

The best method to find out whether any shopping app is legit or not, is to read reviews and complaints about it in order to gain a clear insight . As for Temu app reviews and complaints, trustpilot, reddit, twitter, facebook are few sources on which you can find real user reviews and complaints.

Temu Reviews and Complaints

Our editors have done a detailed research on Temu App and collected real user reviews and complaints.

Pauline West says :

Insecure website

Made a purchase with a CC I never use. Went and checked my statement online the a couple days after the purchase and find a bunch of tiny fraudulent purchases the following day after my Temu purchase. Seeing that I never use the card I don’t think it’s a coincidence. So buyer beware !!!

Date of experience: August 04, 2023

source : trustpilot

Areeh Irshad says :

horrible service

horrible service, missing items damage packed and exremly inaccurate products. i dont recommend to buy from temu. i tried to contact them for this and sort things out they didnt even have any contact info… thats horrible customer service.

Date of experience: August 05, 2023

source: trustpilot

Helen Young says :

I made my first purchase which gave me…

I made my first purchase which gave me a $120 credit. So naturally, I tried using the credit with my 2nd purchase. However, when I was paying for my purchases at checkout, the $120 credit was never to be found. I ended up paying over $200 for my 2md purchase. How do I get money back?

Date of experience: August 05, 2023

source: trustpilot

Uninterestingrando says :

Its AliExpress products bought cheaply and sold on a different platform.

source : reddit

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