June 22, 2024

is visionsoc.com Ponzi scam or legit

visionsoc ponzi

is visionsoc.com Ponzi scam or legit : Having emerged as a watch to earn app, the model that visionsoc.com is functioning on, seems quite a ponzi scheme considering the fact that the system requires users to purchase packages in order to start earning.

How does visionsoc.com work ?

The model is allegedly a watch to earn investment model that enables investors to generate income by watching videos paying fixed cash rewards. Users are granted a 3 day trial package which generates 9 usd within 3 days.

This amount can’t be withdrawn and users are obliged to purchase the 90-day package priced at 60 usd. This package enables users to watch 5 videos a day, each paying 0.4 usd. 2 usd can be generated through watch to earn activity which in total makes 180 usd after the 90th day.

is visionsoc.com a Ponzi Scheme ?

Yes, the system is apparently a ponzi scheme and it is unknown when the system would collapse. Therefore, we don’t recommend such models which rely on constant investment by users.

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