May 24, 2024

Trickshot Blitz App Review

Trickshot Blitz App Review Commens : A Play to earn app Trickshot Blitz is a pool game application available on Playstore(android) and Appstore (ios).

The Trickshot Blitz pool game is a Free to play classic pool game while it offers crypto rewards in the Rally Token (RLY). The app rewards players for their in-app achievements.

Players are also able to withdraw their RLY tokens to various cryptcurrency exchanges including Kucoin,, Mexc, Bithumb and Bitmart.

How to earn RLY on Trickshot Blitz APP ?

Players are required to make some in-app achievements to qualify for RLY token rewards. For example, players levelling up can earn more RLY tokens compared to low level players. Users need RLY tokens to participate in RLY-rewarding games.

The app also gives opportunity to earn daily RLY rewards for just using the app.


The app is built with a logic to prompt users to buy RLY Tokens which are required to play games that pays out RLY token rewards. As players are required to get the most point within the limited time, the app makes it difficult for users to rotate the cue stick which causes waste of time.

We also suspect that the system matches real users with bots which are impossible to defeat.

Trickshot Blitz Review by editors

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