July 25, 2024

Does Ukraine Have Bioweapons

Discussion Continues : Does Ukraine have biological weapons ?

Does Ukraine Have Bioweapons ?

Asked about whether Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons, Victoria Nuland answered that Ukraine has biological research facilities.

“Ukraine has biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. So we are working with the Ukrainan side on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach” Victoria Nuland said during a hearing at the U.S. Senate.

On the other hand, an Ukraine based fact checking team working for VoxUkraine, has published a report regarding the alleged bioweapons in Ukraine. (see : https://voxukraine.org/en/fake-victoria-nuland-admitted-that-us-has-biolabs-in-ukraine/ )

The report underlines the cooperation between the U.S.A and Ukraine for the biological research facilities in Ukraine while contradicting bioweapon allegations claiming that those facilities don’t produce biological weapons.

Alleged Bioweapons in Ukraine : Propaganda or Truth ?

Is it a conspiracy theory that the USA is funding Ukraine for developing biological weapons ? Or is it a truth being kept secret? While reciprocal accusations keep arising, an unbiased investigation is what we really need for now.

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