June 15, 2024

Sidra Bank Sidra Coin FAQ

Sidra Bank Sidra Coin FAQ: Here are clear answers to all questions related to the Sidra Bank and its native currency the Sidra coin.

Is Sidra Coin Islamic

It is impossible to create an Islamic coin since Islamic finance rules prohibit the method it is being traded. Blockchain allows anyone to create “money” and exchange it with real physical goods and services. However Islamic finance rules allows only trading and exchange of physical goods .

Sidra Coin Total Supply

The total supply has not been set. Since it is mineable community owned coin, the supply amount is expected to be as high as to cover all coins mined until it is release.

Sidra Bank Mainnet Date

If you are currently mining Sidra Coin, you might be willing to know when is the Sidra Bank mainnet launch. Sidra Bank mainnet was scheduled to launch in October 2023.

How Much Sidra Coin Can You Mine Daily ?

You have seen promoting tweets on twitter and decided to mine sidra coin but are not sure how much sidra coin you can mine daily. The amount of sidra coin you can mine daily depends on your referral numbers.

Ask your questions about sidra bank and sidra coin .

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