July 15, 2024

Rovi.money wallet M91 Token

rovi wallet m91 token

Rovi.money wallet M91 Token: The Rovi Wsllet app credites the first 100k wallets with 1000 M91 tokens. Given as a registration bonus, the M91 tokens are matter of question with users wondering details such as how to sell M91 tokens.

How to Get 1000 M91 Bonus ?

The distribution of the 1000 free M91 token works on first come first reserve principle and only the first 100k users who create a rovi wallet are qualified to get the prize.

In order to get free 1000 M91 token, users are required to complete a simple wallet creation process.

Free 1000 M91 tokens are credited to user wallets after a short period of review.

How to Sell M91 Tokens ?

The M91 token is not tradable currently but is expected to be available on the exchange section of the Rovi Wallet soon.

However users are able to use their M91 tokens on the games section and earn more M91 tokens as well as Rovi tokens.

You can ask your questions regarding Rovi wallet and Rovi bonus and airdrops.

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