June 15, 2024

CEX.io Holds Airdrop Via Tapping Game on Telegram

cex io telegram airdrop

CEX.io Holds Airdrop Via Tapping Game on Telegram

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges Cex.io announced it had launched it’s tapping game on Telegram as part of an airdrop event that will reward participants with CEXP tokens in direct proportion to their in-app performance.

Let’s explain how to use cex.io tapping game to earn free CEXP tokens :

TAP Section

This hub is where players tap on the CEX.io logo to convert their tap limits into CEXP tokens and claim them all. The tap limit refills every 2 hours.

TASKS Section

This hub is where players can complete various tasks to earn more CEXP tokens. Tasks such as following social media accounts or registering with exchange app reward users with thousands of CEXP tokens in addition to their in-app tapping and farming activities.

FARM Section

The Farm hub is where players activate farming which yields free CEXP tokens every 4 hours. Players need to visit the FARM section to claim the accumulated tokens and reactivate the farming once every 4 hours.

SQUAD Section

This hub is where players can see players they invited along with their total earned CEXP tokens while they also can generate invitation link to send to friends to expand their squad.

CEXP Token Price

The price of the CEXP token has not been determined yet since the token has not been minted and listed on CEX or DEX. The Cex.io will first list the token at a pre-determined price. Buying or Selling activities will determine the future direction of the CEXP price.

Official Cex.io Tap Game Bot on Telegram: CEX.IO Telegram Tap Game

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