June 15, 2024

getgrass.io reviews comments payment withdrawal

getgrass.io reviews

getgrass.io reviews comments payment withdrawal : We have reviewed the getgrass.io project and you can find every detail about the getgrass.io app which offers token farming through chrome extension.

Lets start with the most important detail about the project :

Getgrass.io Tokenomics

Before getting started with a such project, you need to know the total token supply in order to calculate your potential earnings. Total supply of the getgrass token is unknown as the team has not released the token contract yet. Therefore, you may not make a precise calculation for your potential earnings.

However, depending on the current earning rate per hour, we estimate a total supply of more than 200 billion.

Getgrass.io withdrawal

This function is not available yet. Farmers are expected to keep farming and wait for the token launch in order to withddraw and cashout their accumulated tokens.

Getgrass Chrome Extension Causes Disconnection

Once you install the getgrass chrome extension, you will experience frequent disconnections as it badly affect your connection status.

It is also unknown whether the extension is secure&safe or not.

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