Movez ( Review

Movez ( Review : Lets review another move to earn app Movez ( to give potential users a clear explanation as growing number of investors boosts the popularity of the app.

Movez is another move2earn app built on the same logic with Stepn. Movez players earn Movez and Burnz tokens by walking, running, jogging and similar sport activities while they are also able to trade sneaker and booster items tokenized as NFTs on the in-app marketplace.

How to earn with Movez APP ?

In order to start earning money with Movez app, players dont need to own sneaker NFT. Differently from Stepn, Movez players can earn tokens at different rates based on their tier level which is defined by the amount of MOVEZ tokens staked.

Players can also enjoy profits by buying and selling NFTS.

Movez App is considered as the best STEPN competitor.

Note : A detailed Movez guide will be composed following the app release.

Note 2 : The app release has been delayed causing panic sales and trust loss as the team earlier announced apps had been submitted to android and ios marketplaces.

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