July 15, 2024

Convert Notcoin Balance to NFT Voucher

convert notcoin balance to nft voucher

Convert Notcoin Balance to NFT Voucher : The notcoin team has launched notcoin NFT voucher collection on getgems.io in a move that enables notcoin mineras to convert their balances to NFT vouchers which can be traded for TON Coin.

Notcoin balance can now be converted to NFT vouchers each of which represent an assigned amount of notcoin starting from 10M.

How to Convert Notcoin Balance to NFT Voucher ?

1- start the notcoin telegram bot

2- Tap on the “Trade” button on main window. If the trade button does not appear, you need to wait its activation for your region in order to convert notcoin balance to NFT voucher. the “trade” button might be inactive for users with telegram account registered to phone numbers outside Russia.

3- Select an amount for the NFT voucher (Min 10M each)

4- Connect your TON Wallet

5- Pay the transaction fee ( approximately 0.1 TON coin)

6- The NFT voucher you minted will appear in your TON wallet.

Ask any question regarding conversion of notcoin balance to NFT voucher using the comment form below.

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