June 15, 2024

Over Wallet to Lock Assets in Inactive Accounts

over wallet token lock

Over Wallet to Lock Assets in Inactive Accounts: Users who don’t participate in any of in-wallet activities will face a asset locking penalty.

As the team prepares to launch Over Protocol Mainnet in June 2024, a series of newly introduced updates have been applied to the Over Wallet app.

What is Over Wallet Asset Locking Penalty ?

Idle Over tokens are subject to asset locking penalty. The wallet primarily notify users about the potential asset locking and sets a deadline. Users who remain inactive or don’t use their idle Over tokens within the granted time will face asset locking penalty.

What to Do to Avoid Asset locking Penalty?

In order to avoid potential asset locking penalty, users are recommended to stay active during the Over Testnet period. Sending, receiving Over tokens, or staking the whole balance are few of precautions to avoid asset locking penalty.

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