May 27, 2024

Fake sui airdrop campaigns

sui airdrops

Fake sui airdrop campaigns : Twitter has seen numerous fake sui airdrop campaigns that directly target steal crypto wallets with hundreds of victims already suffering loss of crypto assets.

The Official SUI Accounts Keep Warning

Although The Sui Network developers keep updating the community about ongoing sui airdrop scams, scammers would not stop to try new fake sui airdrop traps by using infrastructure and capabilities offered by Twitter platform.

A recent fake sui airdrop campaign initiated by Twitter user Billy Albornoz victimized hundreds of users. Victims are recommended to opt for legal action against him.

Here is what you need to protect from fake sui airdrops :

  • 1- Follow official sui network accounts
  • Twitter :
  • Discord:
  • 2- Dont click on the links embedded into tweets seemingly promoting “sui airdrop”.
  • 3- Report any Sui Airdroptweet and users who posts such tweets.

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