May 27, 2024

Telegram Tap To Earn Bots like Notcoin

tap to earn telegram bots

Telegram Tap To Earn Bots like Notcoin: The notcoin project has achieved a tremendous success as it has hit a record high user number above 37 million.

The notcoin project has not made history only but also inspired many developers to go by the same strategy to reach as many users as possible.

Here is a list of recently launched Telegram apps that runs on the same logic as that of Notcoin :

1- Yescoin

Yescoin Telegram app enables users to collect Yes coins for free as part of the ongoing airdrop campaign. the more yes coins you collect, the more your airdrop share will be.

Run the bot : Yescoin Telegram Bot

2- Memefi

Memefi telegram app is a meme token themed game that enables users to level up by killing meme characters. Each tapping reduces life energy of meme characters and they die when they are out of energy. Users can spend earned tokens to upgrade. Airdrop share is determined by the total token earned within the game.

Run the bot: Memefi Telegram Bot

More tap to earn Telegram apps to be added to this list.

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