May 27, 2024

Mr. Rajkumar Thakuria New Songs

Mr Rajkumar Thakuria new songs

Mr. Rajkumar Thakuria New Songs

All of Mr. Rajkumar’s songs unsurprisingly manage to hit millions of views on Youtube and social media networks especially instagram. As Mr. Rajkumar’s fan circle keeps expanding each day, fans asking for new songs to be released.

Here is a list of new songs that were recently released by Rajkumar Thakuria:

1- You Are Super Honourable Professor

2- Your Eyes are Blue

3- You are a Doctor I am a Driver

4- L-O-V-E-R /Love Love Love Pure Love

5- Beauty is Your Eyes

6- Sexy beauty lovely you are I wish to become your lover

7- Nice Nice Nice Very Nice All Your Nice

8- Truth is Beauty Beauty is Truth

9- I am For You You Are For Me

10- How Lovely You Are (I don’t Know What is Your Name)

Mr Rajkumar Thakuria’s all new songs can be found on his official social media page : instagram/rakucasm

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