May 27, 2024

Data Ownership Protocol Price Prediction

Data Ownership Protocol Price Prediction: What is price prediction for 1 DOP after CEX listing ?

As thousands of DOP testnet users have already claimed DOP rewards, the team is now dealing with DEX and CEX listing of the DOP Token.

The claim button has recently been activated for testnet users and investors who participated in the ICO sale. Each testnet user received a generous airdrop share of 467 DOP tokens. Both investors and testnet users have since been discussing the potential price of the dop token on social media.

So, let’s make a price prediction for DOP token depending on some key factors that affects the price. ın order to make a price prediction, we need informations as the following:

DOP Max Supply: 23,370,186,853

DOP Initial Sale Price: 0.023 USD

Total Fund Raised Through Token Sale: 162 Million USD

DOP Price Prediction

We estimate that the DOP token price would be above 0.1 USD following it’s CEX listing. Depending on successful implementation of the roadmap, the DOP price may see remarkable ATH.

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