April 18, 2024

P2P Pre Market to Buy and Sell Notcoin

p2p pre market for notcoin

P2P Pre Market to Buy and Sell Notcoin : The official X account of the Notcoin team posted an update today announcing the upcoming P2P pre-market that will enable notcoin miners to start buying and selling notcoin.

In previous announcements, the team had made clear that the notcoin would get listed on CEX and DEX by the April 1st.

The recent announcement regarding the P2P pre market for notcoin, indicates that the notcoin would have a value that is determined by the community.

The price for 1 notcoin will be determined by miners themselves. Notcoin miners will be able to set a sale price for their notcoin balance. Notcoin miners can list any amount of notcoin on the P2P marketplace.

A TON Wallet is needed to connect to the P2P market. Notcoins will be traded with TON coin.

While investor interest is expected to play a key role in notcoin price, an organic competition between notcoin miners will ensure that notcoin is selling for the best possible price.

How much would you ask for your notcoin ? How much would you pay for notcoin ? These two vital queastions will determine the price performance of the notcoin prior to its CEX, DEX listing.

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