June 22, 2024

What is MEV bot sandwiching in crypto ?

mev bot sandwiching

What is MEV bot sandwiching in crypto ? Have ever seen spam tweets automatically posted under each tweets,saying that crypto sandwiching performed by MEV bots can make you millionaire ?

Lets take a look at MEV bots and sandwiching method in crypto dex trading :

What is a sandwiching MEV bot ?

It is a auto-run smart contract coded to perform arbitrage trading and profit from price differences between targeted liquidity pools. The method that the smart contract uses is called sandwiching.

The idea is to buy the requested coin at cheaper price and sell to the user for higher price and make profit from this transaction.

Beware of Scam MEV Bots

Numbers of scam MEV bot codes are currently in circulation on social media. Internet users are asked to copy/paste the given codes to create MEV bot smart contract and send ETH or BNB balances to start the bot. Most of the scam MEV bots would automatically forward the deposited balances to the wallets of scammers.

Always remind that you can lose your funds in case you use one of those codes.

One thought on “What is MEV bot sandwiching in crypto ?

  1. thanks for warning, i was about to send 2 eth to a smart contract i created using mev bot codes. Got it analyzed by a coder and he said the same you say here.

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