July 15, 2024

iPhone 15 battery mAH capacity

iphone 15 battery capacity

iPhone 15 battery Mah capacity : What is the mah capacity of the batteries built for the upcoming iPhone 15 series ? According to a rumour circulating across the social media, iPhone 15 smartphones will come with batteries that offer higher mah capacity which means longer operating time .

Here are the rumoured battery capacities for each iPhone 15 model :

iPhone 15 battery capacity: 3877 mAH

iPhone 15 Pro battery capacity: 3650 mAH

iPhone 15 Pro Max battery capacity: 4852 mAH

iPhone 15 Plus battery capacity: 4912 mAH

What is battery capacity ?

The term of battery capacity refers to the total potential of any given battery regarding energy storage. Milliampere hours (mAh) are a unit of measurement used to describe the amount of energy stored in batteries.

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