April 23, 2024

is Tobias Rahim Kurdish ?

Born and raised in Denmark, Tobias Rahim is known for his soulful pop music and of course his vigorous stage performance during overcrowded concerts. At most of his concerts, Tobias Rahim would draw attention to Kurds and their cultural wealth by performing various shows like Kurdish folkloric dance govend with an unfurled Kurdistan flag. This has almost become one of his concert routines.

Who are Tobias Rahim Parents ?

Tobias Rahim is the only child of a Danish mother and Kurdish father. Tobias Rahim’s father was diagnosed with PTSD after a heavy armed conflict . However this information is not clear enough lacking details whether his father was a military personnel or an insurgent.

To conclude; yes Tobias Rahim is son of a Kurdish man which makes him a Kurdish rooted citizen of Denmark.

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