May 24, 2024

Review: AI Aviator Prediction Bots

aviator prediction bots

Review: AI Aviator Prediction Bots

Do AI aviator prediction bots really work ? Are such bots successfull as claimed by sellers ? Let’s find out whether Aviator predictions bots are wise choices or they are just useless tools produced to scam internet users.

Can AI Bots Predict Aviator Outcomes ?

Of course not.

Since casino games like Aviator, Jet X, Zeppelin, Lucky Jet 2, ThunderCrash, and Space XY are coded in accordance with the Random Number Generation (RNG) principle, each software would generate independenly different numbers even if they are coded 100 percent the same.

Casino games are built to guarantee house advantage or house edge which means all players together can win a limited percentage of the wagered amount. Therefore it is not a wise decision to play casino games .

In other words, the possibility for Aviator and an AI Prediction bot generating the same outcome is less than 1 out of billion.

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