April 23, 2024

Valentina Sampaio photos before transition

Valentina Sampaio

Valentina Sampaio photos before transition : We have collected some photos taken before and after Valentina Sampaio has undergone transgender surgery.

As a transgender celebrity Valentina Sampaio has recorded many achievements in her career.

Valentina Sampaio is a Brazilian model who became the first openly transgender model to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2020. As a public figure, Valentina has been open about her journey and transition, and has been an inspiration to many in the LGBTQ+ community.

Before her transition, Valentina was assigned male at birth and went by the name of “Valentino.” She grew up in a small fishing village in Brazil and began modeling at the age of 16. However, she struggled with her gender identity and began taking hormone replacement therapy at the age of 19.

Over the years, Valentina underwent several cosmetic procedures, including hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgery, as part of her transition. Today, she is a successful model, activist, and role model for the trans community. Valentina has been vocal about the challenges and discrimination faced by transgender people, and has used her platform to raise awareness and promote acceptance and inclusion.

While she has a history full of success, people still wonder what she was looking like during his childhood and teenager periods.

Valentina Sampaio photos before transition

This photo from her teenager period, will give you opportunity to see Valentina Sampaio before and after transition.

Valentina Sampaio teenager photo: The oldest photo that you can see Valentina Sampaio before transgender surgery.

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