July 15, 2024

Are Mexico Alien Corpses Real?

Are Mexico Alien Corpses Real? The Mexican Ufolog Jaime Maussan made a presentation at Mexican Congress with alleged evidences and foundings of his recent research into Aliens including two alleged Alien Corpses which interestingly looked exactly like the Alien prototype that has long been spread by the US media and Hollywood productions.

The “alien corpses” show staged by the supposed Ufolog Jaime Maussan at the Mexican Congress has raised several vital questions about the reputation and authenticity of his researches.

1- How have the Alien corpses been obtained ? Why have the Aliens left dead team-mates on earth ?

2- Why do the alleged “alien corpses” displayed before the congress look exactly like the alien prototype promoted on media ?

are alien corpses real

Convincing the World About the Existence of Aliens

The alien phenomenon should be discussed within the context of the world leadership game between so called super powers which are provably inadequate even with delivering a prosperous and safe order to equally people around the world. There are poverty, war, immigration and tragedy of all kind in some locations while some people live without any of these humiliating problems.

However the alien story has got a good functionality; to help gain people’s consent and support for your world leadership role which is promoted as the sole power that has the potential of saving the world and people in case of attacks by mysterious creatures.


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