July 25, 2024

Are Temu Coupons legit ?

are temu coupons legit

Are Temu Coupons legit ? $100, $120, $200 ysd Temu App Coupons offered to encourage users to register and make shopping on the Temu App are a little confusing as the app requires minimum shopping amount for coupons to be applicable.

The Temu App is actullay using an old trick to deceive people into downloading the app. However, coupons with high values that are seemingly won by users who plays a simple lucky wheel game, would not actually earn users those amounts.

Temu coupons also requires purchase of several items or making shopping at a minimum amount. These conditions however are not underlined during the phase when users are awarded coupons.

Have You Used Any Temu Coupons ?

What about your experience with Temu coupons ? Have you successfully used Temu coupons and benefited from the coupons at promised amounts ? Share you opinion about Temus coupons and let others understand whether Temu coupons are legit or not.

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