May 29, 2024

How to Claim Farmed MEME Coins

claim meme coin farm

How to Claim Farmed MEME Coins:

MEME tokens purchased from firesale and airdrop MEME tokens allocated for NFT holders have been open for claim while meme coins earned by farming on are not claimable yet.

When Will Farmers Claim MEME Coins ?

According to tweets and replies to related questions by official Twitter account, farmed meme coins will remain unclaimable as the farming process is still ongoing. However the Memeland Team avoided stating an exact date for claiming farmed meme coins.

How to Claim ?

Once open for claim, meme coin farmers can claim airdropped meme tokens in few simple steps:

1- go to your account

2- go to “claim” page

3- Make sure your web3 wallet is connected.

4- Tap/Click on the “claim” button.

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