May 29, 2024

Video of the baby baked in oven

Video of the baby baked in oven : Is there a video proof that shows Hamas militants or supporters baked an Israeli baby to death in an oven ?

This week a very disturbing allegation has been circulating on social media. In a video posted on Twitter, Israeli colonel Olivier (introduced himself without surname) is heard saying he found a baby baked alive in an oven.

The allegation spread within minutes with many “journalists” amplifying it without any verification.

On the other hand, there were also numerous journalists asking for a video proof. However Israeli officials were unable to provide any such evidence.

Why Does Israel Opt For False Allegations ?

The army of Israel has launched hundreds of bombardments on Palestinian civilians, directly targeting heavily populated areas and buildings since the beginning of it’s full scale offensive into the Gaza. According to reports provided by unbiased organizations, more than 200,000 buildings including hospitals, markets, mosques were destroyed while over 8000 Palestinian civilians including more than 800 children were killed.

Dead bodies of children aged between 2 and 10 were pulled from wreckages of desroyed houses while reporters from international news outlets witnessed this striking scenes.

Given this barbaric image, Israel desperately seeks for fabricated allegations to support its rethoric that it fights “immoral barbarians”. Such allegations come up to serve this purpose and we will likely see many similar allegations.

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