July 25, 2024

Transfer MEME Coin to Binance

transfer meme coin to binance

Transfer MEME Coin to Binance : Here is a simple guide to learn how to transfer meme coin to Binance.

Whether earned through meme coin farming on memecoin.org or purchased at fire sale event, holders wonder how they can send their meme coins to the Binance exchange.

Once Binance announces the beginning of deposit, meme coin holders can follow these steps to transfer meme coin to Binance :

1- Go to the “spot” wallet

2- Tap on the “Deposit” button

3- Search MEME

4- Copy the address and make sure the chain is Ethereum ERC-20

5- Go to your wallet that you associated to your memecoin.org account

6- If you don’t have some ETH to cover withdrawal fees, you have to deposit ETH first

7- Tap/Click on the “Send”button

8- Paste the receiving address you copied from Binance and complete the transaction.

If you have any question regarding meme coin transfer to Binance, ask us.

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