December 5, 2023 Mission Answers

supra oracles mission answers Mission Answers : Here are all answers for the “mission” phase on Users are required to complete 23 missions in order to earn Supra token and stars.

1. All of the above

2. Supra’s performance and…

3. Blocks on Supra cannot be…

4. Tribes and clans randomization method

5. Dynamic NFTS

6. All of the above

7. A method to start a new round of…

8. o ensure accuracy in the final result

9. All of the above

10. All of the above

11. Unpredictable, unbiased, verifiable

12. By utilizing a threshold signature…

13. Ensuring fair and unpredictable outcomes

14. It secures the protocol from manipulation

15. 100% off

16. Any project on available networks

17. To move between two unique blockchains

18. The cryptographic proofs of the….

19. By preserving the security… / or / It levels the playing field by… / or/ By translating the source chain’s proof….

20. Universal translation and… / or / By cryptographically connecting blockchains and… / or / It can expand the player…

21. Six/or/Users can lock their tokens to… / or / It rewards loyalty with….

22. By integrating with 40+ different blockchain networks and counting

23. It helps align incentives, promote… / or/ By involving the community and… / or / The economic principles underlying the…

24. ERC20 USDC

25.It improves performance across all blockchain use cases it reaches

26. Intraleyer

27. Clans

28. Hypernova

29. Community-provided liquidity from a distributed network of providers

30. Because they have no native way to reach other blockchains

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